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Log of a Pirate Captain
Monkey D. Rufi
Merii Kurisumasu ^^;; 
25th-Dec-2004 03:17 pm
More and more memories come into light the more I get to watch my life get played out on screen. The stupid Marines really are self-centered, huh? A lot of them don't even care about capturing pirates, so much as rising in rank. They only go after me and people with bigger bounties 'cause they think they'll be promoted if they catch us! Isn't that stupid? Kinda funny though!

But Smoker isn't like that at all. It's weird. He's so serious it hurts! And recently he's been reeeeaaally mean, too. Like, "Get out of my office, Mugiwara. I don't have the free time to be spending with scum." Haha! That's so funny XD
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